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Artist in Residence

Western Front Media Arts and Western Front Exhibitions are pleased to announce Vancouver-based artist Allyson Clay as Artist-in-Residence for New Strategies in Feminist Video. Working



The exhibition looks at the farmer as inventor and augmenter: DIY traits passed down through generations. The objects created by the farmer, and reproduced by


Video About Sculpture

Vishal Jugdeo’s work involves an investigation into the construction of images examining how meaning is built through the arrangement of things in the viewer’s field


Artist in Residence

Combining my traditional arts background with my knowledge of computer technology, I have created projects that present a personal critique of popular culture, history and


Artist in Residence

I arrived in Vancouver in December 1999 after living my entire life in Tasmania,the island at the southern most tip of Australia. Setting foot on


You + You Alone

Mark Curry presents an installation of video loops taken from popular and auteur films of the 20th century. Using subtle digital manipulation, Curry suspends the



Shawn Chappelle (with Heather Frise, camera) embraced the spectacular through the filmic capture and presentation of an otherwise banal road trip. Shot in video, this