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Basic Motel, The Pop Tape

Artist-in-residence. Special production. My videotapes are about being surrounded. Surrounded by people whom I can’t really explain or rationalize the existence of. Surrounded by parades



With Annastacia MacDonald, Carol Hackett, Deborah Fong and Jeanette Reinhardt. An autobiographical story written for and played by the performers, utilizing sound, music, live actions,



Artist-in-residence. Special production. A portrait of the Vancouver Airport seen from the viewpoint of an Executive Air Traveler . It includes four parts: The Home


Telling Tales

Artist-in-residence. Special production. Examining the circuit and short circuit of expression and perception, Chitty puts narrative under the microscope and warns: “Find out where the


Delicate Issue

Special production. An uncompromising, micro-examination of the artists’ body with the voice asking such questions as, “What is the dividing line between public and private?”


Aktion 58

Video produced by Image Bank. Nitsch’s use of blood, animal entrails and nude bodies in his performance works prompted a horrified response in the Vancouver