Xenakis – Charisma X Screening

@ 8:00pm

A screening of the Efi Xirou directed documentary in tandem with the VANCOUVER NEW MUSIC productions: RANDOM ELEMENTS – A Celebration of Iannis Xenakis and the XENAKIS FESTIVAL, celebrating the life and work of composer, architect and visionary Iannis Xenakis.

Charisma X follows the life of Iannis Xenakis from childhood through his final composition, Omega. Musicologist Makis Solomos guides us through Xenakis’ key periods and accomplishments interspersed with musical performances and comments from those who knew or worked with Xenakis, giving an overview of his personal life and careers in music and architecture.

Xenakis appears in historical footage: – Talking about his multimedia electronic work La Legende d’Eer, with film of the performance and the Diatope in front of the Pompidou Centre. – Demonstrating the UPIC, the computer which he designed that allows music to be drawn on a computer screen. – Speaking about his opera Oresteia and various Greek legends which influenced his work.

It explores the relationship between his music and architecture, including working for Le Corbusier.

Charisma X explores his architectural achievements of the Philips Pavilion at Expo 58, the convent of La Tourette, his home in Corsica, and the houses he designed for his daughter Makhi and composer Mache are shown.

Directed by Efi Xirou
62 min
2008, Greece