Western Front New Music wins Rio Tinto Alcan Performing Arts Award

Western Front New Music Director/Curator DB Boyko accepted the prestigious Rio Tinto Alcan Performing Arts Award Music 2014 for a new music production to be presented at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre in February 2014.

Music from the New Wilderness is an original performance work that uses music, sound and voice to explore rural geopolitical and environmental issues, from the transformation of resource-based economies into eco-tourism economies, to the early histories and contemporary realities of indigenous peoples. Music from the New Wilderness will incorporate archival and recent field recordings from the Broughton Archipelago and various locations throughout the Interior of British Columbia. Composers, acoustic ecologists and artists Jesse Zubot, Krista Belle Stewart, Christian Calon, Jennifer Schine, Adam Basanta, and Alicia Hansen will use these recordings as a platform to explore the B.C. soundscape, with each piece offering unique historical and bio-acoustic perspectives on culture, remoteness, and the vanishing wilderness experience.

More information in the Georgia Straight article here.

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