Webslinging with Mistress Cybernoski

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VII, no. 3, p. 13, January/February 1996:

Sheila will lead a two to two and a half hour workshop on the WWW and to a lesser extent, the InterNet in general. She will lead discussion and demonstrate a bit of proper “netiquette” (copyright, guestbook jamming, etc.); tips and tricks for writing or correcting HTML (what to do when those fancy HTML conversion programs fail); image use, compression and manipulation to maximize speed and cyberspace; the NON-COMMERCIAL usage of the web – including examples of artist’s sites; designing for the Web as a matricial as opposed to linear manner; and of course, cyberhandshakes, emoticons, ASCII art and a graphic description of carpal tunnel syndrome and how to avoid it.

“I intend this to be a fast-paced, dense workshop as should be apparent from the amount of info to be covered. This workshop will be accessible to users at a very entry-level level, but should also be sufficiently entertaining for those with more webbing in their background. This is NOT the forum for computer dweebiness, I will not be addressing: CGI Scripting, VRML, or covering the problems encountered when writing for JAVA. 8:*)”