Veda Hille – Field Study

@ 8:00pm

available in advance

Veda will be presenting material from her solo CD, Field Study. The sixteen songs about science and nature were inspired by childhood explorations of life under a microscope and by her trip to the Yukon with eleven other Canadian artists.

“I like to examine things. When I was ten I got my first microscope. I looked at skin, blood, food, plants, and bugs. I am proud of these songs and the way they observe the outside world, as opposed to the inner life that I have been obsessed with in previous work. That said, a lot of these songs are mirrors of my life at home. Field Study is a collection of observations and remarks about the interior and exterior landscapes of my last year.” – Veda Hille

“With label-defying compositions and intriguing lyrics, Hille draws from the basic elements of the world and creates music that echoes the essence of life. Gutsy.” – Melissa Martin, Uptown, Winnipeg