Variety Show Television

@ 3:00pm

A FREE two-part presentation on artist’s experimental television practices.

Part 1: Show Talk will feature a rare opportunity to see highlights from European artist-run television projects, including Copenhagen based tv-tv and Lithuanian based CAC TV with contributors Jakob Jakobsen and Virginija Januškevičiūtė in attendance. In addition to these presentations there will be a special guest performance of RED ALERT: A talk show on the brink of disaster by Danish-Dutch-Swedish artist Olof Olsson.

Part 2: Talk Show will feature an exciting live performance by Calgary-based collective Arbour Lake Sghool with various sketches that shift between cooking shows, live drawing, audience contests, fights, and truly uncategorizable spectacles. The night promises to be simultaneously irritatingly fun, soulfully drunk, absurd, and engaging.

Part 1: Show Talk | 3 – 6pm

Part 2: Talk Show | 8-11pm

***DON’T MISS IT!***

Presented by Western Front Media Arts and Western Front Exhibitions in partnership with Institutions by Artists.