Urban Skills #5: Secretarial

15 minutes
a Same Day Edit Production

“A comedy. Two of the new workers (Corry Wyngaarden and me as the new secretary) exhibition our modern urban talents—coping in the downtown style—Olympics and MacDonalds. Same Day Edit Productions is an ephemeral modern company that operates like a one hour dry cleaning stop. Shoot in the a.m.—edit in the p.m.—exhibit same day. Co. members: Hank Bull, Corry Wyngaarden, Jane Ellison and me.” — Margaret Dragu

Margaret Dragu began dancing at fifteen in Calgary, Alberta; worked with the Laura Foreman Dance Company in New York; moved to Montreal and began to collaborate with visual artists, especially Tom Dean, in performance, art, photography and video; during this time also worked as a stripper (“Which I now look upon as a technique similar to ballet training or art school.”); worked on a film about strip tease called Theatre for Strangers; moved to Toronto and met “independent dance artists”—choreographers who were leaving dance per se for more visual arts, with a focus towards video; then began collaborating with more technical artists to form two companies (Campana-Dragu Products & Triad Corporation—”we created large ‘events’ of political performances”; recently working as an actress in dramatic films.