Untitled (Conversation Loops)

/ Opening @ 8:00pm

Untitled (Conversation Loops) features the work of four Vancouver-based artists working with tautologies, multiples and closed loops of language and dialogue in four very different works.

Da Conceicao turns his attention to 1980s teen film director John Hughes and his perennial star Molly Ringwald. Using exerpts from Sixteen Candles (1984), The Breakfast Club (1985), and Pretty in Pink (1986), da Conceicao edits together conversations between Ringwald’s various characters so as to highlight her characters’ multiple personalities, identity politics and class conflicts that run as undercurrents in the films.

Gleeson presents rough video footage of a monster truck rally, wherein the event announcer attempts to dissuade a number of streakers from the audience from continuing to interrupt the wholesome family entertainment of the show. The continued actions of the streakers effect a stasis over the proceedings, creating an oxymoronic spectacular anti-spectacle.

Informed by an interest in how text is used as a medium for visual art, and in the gestalt-like portmanteau words James Joyce created for Finnegan’s Wake, Mancini makes a chain of words along one of the gallery walls. The choice of words is determined by their ability to link with one another, so that the last few letters of the first word must double as the first few letters of the next, until almost all of the possibilities in everyday English have been exhausted.

In her 2-channel video work left side/right side, Rathje continues her interest in mirrors, multiples, and the body in relation to the gaze. Using two Point-of-View shots, the video depicts an intimate moment of waking up next to a partner or lover. However, in Rathje’s work, both images are of the artist herself, creating a confusing twinning of the intimate other.