To the Editor of Amateur Photographer

@ 8:30pm

Western Front Media Arts and Cineworks present:

To the Editor of Amateur Photographer
Screening and Q & A with Luke Fowler

27 July 2015—8:30pm-10:00pm
Cineworks Studio, 1131 Howe Street (lane entrance)

Directed by Luke Fowler / Mark Fell; 2014; HD Video, 69 min;
Screening @ Cineworks and in-person Q&A with Luke Fowler

The Pavilion in Leeds, founded in 1983, was the first feminist photographers’ collective in Europe. Filmmakers Luke Fowler and Mark Fell evoke the often controversial history of the gallery in their impressionistic journey through archive material, minutes, newspaper articles, talk shows and personal recollections.

Photographers such as Angela Kingston and Caroline Taylor each choose a favourite photo characteristic of that turbulent period. In so doing, they look back together at the radical shift that took place in photography, with The Pavilion upending the dominant culture of patriarchal images in an era alive with social, political and economic change.

At the same time, they recognize that evoking an activist past can be associated with romanticization and distortion, accentuated in the film by a pulsing analogue soundtrack. Lack of funds was a recurrent problem for The Pavilion, but the conviction that feminists could bring about change through a collective effort was unaffected by these constraints.

Mark Fell is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sheffield (UK). In 1998 he began a series of critically acclaimed record releases on labels including Mille Plateaux, Line, Editions Mego and Raster Noton. Since his early electronic music pieces Fell’s practice has expanded to include moving image works, sound and light installation, choreography, critical texts and educational projects.

Luke Fowler’s art brings together personal associations with social and political subject matter. In his films he often combines self-shot 16mm footage, specific to his chosen subjects, with archival material in order to reveal his own relationship to historic moments. Fowler is also involved in experimental music and it forms the focus of several of his films. He was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2012 and received the inaugural Jarman Award in 2008. Fowler is in residence at Western Front throughout July 2015.