Three Hands Clapping

Martin Gotfrit performs at the Western Front. The piece is entitled “Three Hands Clapping” and was for a computer and interactive system with zither built by Gotfrit. Performed as part of the 1996 Electronic Arts Festival.

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VII, no. 4, p. 8, March/April 1996:

Martin Gotfrit will present a world premiere of an interactive, interdisciplinary work involving text, live music and computer signal processing. Gotfrit teaches electroacoustic music and film sound at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. As a composer, his work includes scores for feature and documentary film, video, theatre, dance and the concert stage. As an improvising performer, he has been a founding member of several ensembles, notable Metamusic, Hextremities and the Praxis Quartet. His most recent work includes the score and sound design for the feature length documentary “Ley Lines” and playing guitar with Vancouver’s Giza all Stars.