The international contemporary music community convenes in Vancouver for World New Music Days November 2 – 8, 2017, and the Western Front showcases two unique installation works. Presented as part of ISCM World New Music Days 2017.



Nov 2 – Nov 5 @ Grand Luxe Hall, Western Front

Opening Nov 1, 7pm

Julie Andreyev and Simon Lysander Overstall experiment with more-than-human sound-and-visual-making in their ecological video-sound-scape installation Biophilia.  Here, methods of interspecies creativity re-position animal, plant and human players as collaborators within a computational ecosystem modelled on the daily rhythms of coastal old growth forests.



Nov 3 – Nov 8 @ Roundhouse Exhibition Hall

Singing metal and soft paper noises transform with each step the onlooker takes within a semi circle made up of music stands. What at first glance seems hauntingly ethereal becomes an interactive composition played by the audience and as soon as the visitor leaves, the installation turns back to its point of departure: slowly moving paper sheets and soft paper sounds. Created by Dutch artist Cathy van Eck.


Artist Talk | Biophilia and Breeze

November 5,  9:30-11am

Western Front – FREE

Julie Andreyev, Simon Lysander Overstall and Cathy Van Eck introduce the ideas behind their respective sound practices


pulses // patterns

Exhibition December 7 – 13 (except Sunday)

Opening December 7, 7pm

Concert December 14, 8pm

TICKETS Advance $15 general /$10 Students & WF Members

Door $20/15

Dismantling and re-imagining objects, is an ongoing preoccupation for instrument builder George Rahi.  In pulses // patterns he alters a set of ‘Leslie’ rotary speakers and a single pipe-organ rank to create a system of interlinked sonic objects, designed to excite various spatial sensations in the exhibition hall. In concert, keyboardist and composer Robyn Jacob joins Rahi for some unseasonal yet beautiful musical interludes.



Cathy van Eck is a composer, sound artist, and researcher in the arts. She focuses on composing relationships between everyday objects, human performers, and sound. Her artistic work includes performances with live-electronics and installations with sound objects which she often designs herself. She is interested in setting her gestures into unusual and surprising relationships with sounds, mainly by electronic means. The result could be called “performative sound art”, since it combines elements from performance art, electronic music, and visual arts. Her work transcends genres and is presented at occasions as diverse as experimental or electronic music concerts, open air rock festivals, sound art gallery venues, digital art events, or performance art festivals.

Julie Andreyev is an artist, researcher and educator. Andreyev’s art practice, called Animal investigates creativity with more-than-human beings—dogs, bees, crows, fishes, trees, and forest communities. Projects rely on interspecies participation and collaboration to explore seeing, listening, and feeling for compassionate ecological potential. Andreyev’s research and projects have been presented internationally, and are supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. Andreyev is Associate Professor at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver. She recently completed her PhD at Simon Fraser University as an interdisciplinary investigation into an expansion of ethics for more-than-human beings examined through interspecies relational creativity in art processes.

Simon Lysander Overstall is a computational media artist, and musician/composer from Vancouver, Canada. He develops works with generative, interactive, or performative elements. He is particularly interested in computational creativity in music, physics-based sound synthesis in virtual environments, and biologically and ecologically inspired art and music systems. He has produced custom performance systems and interactive art installations that have been shown in Canada, the US, Europe, and China. He has also composed sound designs and music for dance, theatre, and installations. He has an MA in Sound in New Media at Aalto University in Helsinki, a BFA in Music Composition from the School for Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University, and an Associate in Music (Jazz) Diploma from Malaspina University-College.

George Rahi is a composer, sound artist, and instrument maker exploring new hybrids between the acoustic, electronic, mechanical, and sculptural. He works across a diverse array of interests including electro-acoustic music, public space, the soundscape, and large-scale instruments such as the pipe organ and the Indonesian Gamelan. He is a founding member of the percussion ensemble Gamelan Bike-Bike and art collective Publik Secrets, in residence at the Hadden Park fieldhouse in Vancouver since 2015. Recent projects include a series of youth-engaged workshops on e-waste and electronic musical instrument hacking held at VIVO Media Arts Centre. He is also working towards a MFA degree from Simon Fraser University with a focus on sound art.