“The MahaDeviBot Sessions” KarmetiK Collective

@ 8:00pm

admission: $15 door / $12 advance / $10 Members/Students

21st Century Renaissance bringing Indian Classical music together with robotics, artificial intelligence and sonic mosaics

The MahaDeviBot is a mechanical musical instrument. Based on robotic drumming techniques, the striking of 12 different percussion instruments including frame drums, bells, finger cymbals, wood blocks, and gongs, the machine can even portray tempo to the human performer via a bouncing head.

The KarmetiK Collective is a group of musicians, composers, scientists, engineers and artists from around the world who come together to combine traditional Indian Classical music with modern technology. Ajay Kapur (Los Angeles), Curtis Bahn (New York) and Arne Eigenfeldt (Vancouver), and special guests Karmetik Underground (Vancouver/Victoria).