Sutapa Biswas: Residency

The following text is taken from Front Magazine vol. IV, no. 5, p. 12, May/June 1993:

Like eyes and mouths

Like high pitched frequency

The rocks screamed

Sutapa Biswas was born in India and received her art education at the University of Leeds and the Slade School of Arts in England. Her work has been exhibited extensively in England and Canada in recent years. The work proposed for production during this residency was commissioned by the IKON Gallery in Birmingham, England for the exhibition Beyond Distinction.

During this residency Biswas will continue her engagement with notions of boundaries and mapping which she began in previous work. She is particularly interested in the relationship of gender to landscape. Using images, text and sound, Biswas wants to create metaphors that explore not only her personal experience, but that of the viewer as well. The work will not satisfy itself with a reliance on the known and understood, on the familiar and finite. If anything it will deliberately refute such a position. The emphasis on the personal and private will be marked by ironies and tensions, and reflect on both intimacy and estrangement and existence between pleasure and pain.