Stitching & Unstitching

@ 8:00pm

admission: $10 door / $8 advance / $7 WF Members/Students

En Masse III

Stitching and Unstitching

Weaving and threading across the boundaries of improvisational music, Stitching and Unstitching is a Concert Series curated by Vancouver musicians Stephen Lyons (guitar), Russell Sholberg (double bass), and Jeff Younger (guitar).

This special edition at the Western Front features: Improv-Concête duo Collapsing Lung (Vancouver) and the avant large ensemble Nocturnal Puddle Reflections (Vancouver).

CLICK for Collapsing Lung
“The Collapsing Lung duo play an inventive set of noises made from junk stirred in a battered suitcase, a cowbell and scissors on a guitar, adding to it a dither of computer digitalia that references Sun City Girls and Nobukazu Takemura alike.”The Wire

A collaboration between guitarist/composer/improviser Stephen Lyons (Fond of Tigers) and visual artist/electroacoustic improviser Lee Hutzulak (Dixie’s Death Pool), Collapsing Lung has been exploring electronics, extended technique, and the recontextualizing of acoustic instruments since 2002.

CLICK for Ejaculation Death Rattle
Ejaculation Death Rattle (EDR)
An unholy poisoning of ambient, free-folk and pseudo psychedelic primitivism amid sweeping tides of noise, drone music worship, spastic panning, bent and decayed notes, messianic declarations and assorted digital debris meant to keep everyone off balance. Deceptively improvised, and/or intentionally contrived? An atypical journey through uplifting murk and lurid bliss, EDR blends music and performance to create genre-bending sounds and environments.

EDR has performed at a number of formal and informal events including a Pancake Noise Breakfast, the Memelab moving-sale, Fake Jazz Wednesdays at the Cobalt (a weekly showcase of experimental music), and festivals such as Signal and Noise Media Arts Festival, Music Waste and Vancouver Shitstorm Noisefest 2008. Inspired by collaborative process and community-building, EDR has also previously organized events such as Plays Well With Others, a community experimental music jam, and a Pot Luck Noise Dinner – a low-key evening featuring local experimental sound artists and shared food.

“It was hard not to be entertained by headliners, Ejaculation Death Rattle. Their name and stage antics were bound to turn heads (one band member’s sole role was to don an executioner’s mask and give his bandmates mid-set massages), but the group’s mix of loops, strings and horns was a beautiful mess of sounds.” – Quin Omori, Chart Attack

“Yet another free-folk band, then? Yeah, except this one is smart, charming & devoid of scruples. What more is there to ask for?” – No Type

“Ejaculation Death Rattle, though, were far and away the highlight of the night, and one of the best acts of the fest…a blend of free skronk, stream-of-consciousness vocalising, and great playing.” –

CLICK for Nocturnal Puddle Reflections
Nocturnal Puddle Reflections is a 10-piece musical monster capable of rip your face off fits of sonic rage and remarkably gentle contemplations on beauty, love, sorrow and the unknowable cracks in between. Led by guitarist/composer Jeff Younger (The Unsupervised, Jeff Younger’s Sandbox/Devil Loops, The Family Stump) and made up of some of Vancouver’s finest musical adventurers, the vicious bigband plays a mix of through-composed material, graphic scores and free/conducted improvisation.

A Warning: Nocturnal Puddle Reflections is capable of turning from a rainbow into the monster in your closet in a single heartbeat. The monster is hungry and wants to shred you with his teeth. The rainbow will take your breath away and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Nocturnal Puddle Reflections will grinningly do both and leave you questioning your general level of mental stability in the process.