Sonic Boom: The Ninth Annual Festival of Composers

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VIII, no. 4, p. 9, March/April 1997:

Vancouver Pro Musica’s ninth edition of its Sonic Boom Festival will, as always, represent the bewildering diversity of new music by British Columbia based composers.

Four nights of concerts will feature an eclectic array of performances comprising: instrumental works for string quartet, an ensemble of clarinet, trumpet, violin and bass, for percussion, solo harp, solo piano, and others; vocal works, some theatrical, including a setting of a Ukrainian folk song for four voices and percussion; electroacoustic works, for talpe alone and with piano and vocal soloists, and a work for midi-piano and computer; improvised works by a trio of guitar, percussion and french horn, for solo piano, and piano four-hands.

March 12
Michael Bushnell
Robert Dyck
Gordon Fitzell
Jocelyn Morlock
Siaw Kin Lee
Randy Pelles

March 13
Scott D. Wilson
Brent Lee
Alex Diebel
Beverly Dobrinsky
Damián Keller
Vivienne Wang

March 14
Mark Armanini
Euphrosyne Keefer
Bradshaw Pack
Earle Peach
Sylvia Rickard
Linda Nessel

March 15
Lowell Morris
Bruce Nielson
Joshua Thorpe
Joël Tibbits
Susan Frykberg
Andrew Czink