Society of Temporal Investigations: Artist talk and screenings

@ 7:00pm

As an epilogue to the exhibition Society of Temporal Investigations Keith Langergraber and the Western Front present an artist talk and special screening of two fan-films: Star Trek: Chains of Betrayal and Finger Puppet Star Trek.

Chains of Betrayal is a Star Trek: Next Generation fan-film written and directed by Derek Howard and Racan Souiedan. Filmed in Vancouver, Chains of Betrayal epitomizes the independent fan spirit explored in Langergraber’s exhibition. The film will be preceded by another Start Trek fan-film, Finger Puppet Star Trek, made by Earl J. Woods and the University of Alberta star trek fan club.

Keith Langergraber will introduce the films and moderate a discussion with the filmmakers following the screenings.

Finger Puppet Star Trek and Chains of Betrayal can now be watched in their entirety on Youtube.