Silophone And Random Acts

@ 12:00pm

Western Front New Music
In Partnership with the Vancouver New Music Festival

Random Acts

Installations, concerts and webcasts† by Christopher Butterfield, David Cronkite, Jean Piché and Emmanuel Madan

webcast date: saturday april 19, 1 pm

Installation Silophone
Western Front LUXE 12 noon – 8 pm
April 19, 20 & 21, 2002
Free admission

One of Montréal’s giant grain elevators is transformed into a musical instrument.† Silophone invites the world’s public to submit sounds via telephone or internet which are then reverberated and colored by the structure’s astounding acoustics before being re-broadcast to their senders. Visitors to the installation will be connected to the Silophone in a privileged listening environment accompanied by Diana Shearwood’s stunning photo-document of the Silo’s interior.

Random Acts: explorations with disclavier piano, harpsichord & computer
Christopher Butterfield, David Cronkite & Jean Piché
April 20 & 21 1 PM, Western Front
Webcast Live @ April 20
Tickets: $7/5/2 (student toonie special)

Random Acts is the first concert of Piano Explorations, a series devoted to investigating the use of the piano with various computer (and human) interfaces.

Christopher Butterfield will present two new works. “DAD” is a continuous electroacoustic installation piece based on Schubert’s “Der Erlkˆnig”.† “Souvenir” is a duet for randomly initiated fragments of piano recordings and improvising
harpsichord, based on SatieÇs† “Trois morceaux en forme de poire”,

Montreal based composers David Cronkite and Jean Piché will present two works for disclavier piano utilizing MAX software: “VirtuelleX” – Piché , “alkM!kl kwÀzÀn” – Cronkite.