Shakuhachi & Koto Duo

@ 8:00pm

Shakuhachi & Koto Duo
Tickets $10/15

Tokyo-based virtuoso performers Curtis Patterson (koto) and Bruce Huebner (shakuhachi) make their Canadian debut with the Further East/Further West concert series. A presentation of Vancouver Pro Musica

This performance will feature an eclectic collection of original compositions and arrangements by the duo including: Going Home, a simple dance-like melody with Celtic influences written by Curtis Patterson; Daha (Breaking Waves), a traditional Japanese piece played by itinerant monks while gathering alms; and an arrangement of After the Rain by legendary American saxophonist and composer John Coltrane.

Both Patterson and Huebner have been living and studying in Japan for over 20 years, and describe their sound as a “fresh musical outlook” for the koto (13-string zither) and shakuhachi (bamboo flute). In March of 2007 they released the CD Going Home to critical acclaim. “Patterson and Huebner’s music demands to be performed on Japanese instruments even as it is sometimes ‘Western’ in feeling and not confined to Japanese traditional forms or scales. Patterson’s koto rings out like an ancient wagon court zither and Huebner’s shakuhachi moves freely, complementing the simple palette” – Hogaku Journal, Japan.