Save our piano!

Since 1990, over 1000 fingers have graced the keys of the Western Front’s Disklavier. Pianists have included jazz greats like Horace Tapscott and Paul Plimley, singer-songwriters Robin Holcomb and Veda Hille, and post-classical performers such as Rachel Iwaasa.

A contemporary player piano, our Disklavier has inspired composers and artists to challenge the piano’s typical capabilities—like when John Oswald conspired with programmer David Jaffe to recreate a blistering automated version of the Rites of Spring or when in 1994 Kazue Mizushima connected a giant web of silk to the piano and played it like a giant harp for her piece Eve of the Future.

To keep on the forefront of innovation and cutting-edge technology, we need to upgrade our Disklavier.

We need to raise a minimum of $20,000 to ensure the restoration of the instrument that is key to concertizing and production at the Western Front.

All donations, large and small, will help us to:

• acquire and install all necessary hardware

• completely restring the Disklavier

• upgrade the Disklavier’s control unit

Help us support the creation and presentation of boundary-less performance.

Buy a piano key today or contact us on 604.876.9343 or for more information.

Click here to view photos of the new hammer assembly!