Remote Access III – Lee Hutzulak, Incident Command

@ 6:00pm

Remote Access III – Lee Hutzulak
Friday, October 26, 2007, 6-11:00PM
Vancouver Art Gallery (750 Hornby St, Vancouver)
Tickets $15+tax / Free for VAG Members

FUSE goes LIVE at the Vancouver Art Gallery with Lee Huzulak.

A synthesizer, a mixer, a couple of FX pedals, microphones, prepared CDs, electric pump, jar of water, frying pan strung w/ springs, disco ball, telephone bells and more are arranged on a black velvet surface strewn with mirrored diamonds. From the whir and tick of the tiny machines and whatnot, melodies emerge, thicken, and collapse. Bright white shards of light poke and flash randomly through the darkened room while a video camera struggling to focus is projected on top of itself.

Lee Hutzulak’s music strikes a balance between electro-acoustic improv and acousmatic musique concrète, focusing on texture, tone and space. In folding the art of foley into music performance Lee continues to explore all manner of extended technique. Both solo and in small ensembles Lee enjoys playing in some of Vancouver’s more intimate venues. Recently Lee has also worked as a sound designer, composing for film, live theatre, and dance.