Relican Wedding

Produced at and by Pumps. “In the Name of the Beaver, the Moose and the Holy Goose,” the marriage of Gary “Middleclass” Bourgeois to Gina Daniels, the Great Homunculus of Religion Canada officiating. After the starting rifle shot, the principles of the New Canadian Religion are explained: worship the Homunculus and send money. In return, Relican promises you absolutely nothing: no threats of Hell, no promises of Heaven, not like those other mountebank religions. Relican will only enlighten you of your money. But, you can enlighten yourself. A demonstration follows using a block and tackle – the Miracle of Self-Levitation. Next, the Groom appears in full military regalia. The Bridge descends the staircase with the support of the Girls Club (who themselves arrived on stage in a brand new Ford). After the vows the couple are hoisted up in the Love Boat, a rowboat full of flowers, with the help of several men in black suits – the “Bachelors” - Hank Bull