Radio Club

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VI, no. 2, p. 13, November/December 1994:

Tired of the same old stuff on C-Fox? Believe that there should be more than AOR on the airwaves? Does Talk Radio leave you speechless? Well, come on out and join Western Front’s Exciting New Radio Club. Explore the fun of radios in a creative learning environment. We will meet mid-monthly to discuss and experiment with radio. We will cover such diverse questions as: “Is the fundamental theory of the Nielson ratings fatally flawed?” of “Do you really need a 27 element Yagi to pick up CBC?” Admission to the club is free and open to any one who loves radio. (This offer void where prohibited by law).

* * * * A True Testimonial * * * * by Peter Gzowski

I think that the Radio Club is just great! It made me realize the importance of uhh, uhmm, uhh, well, this summer when I was out at the cabin, I was doing some fishing and uhh I dropped by watch in the freezer.

When I got home from the store and realized what I had done, I decided that I better return to the store to retrieve it but I didn’t know if the store would still be open as I didn’t have my watch. When I tried to listen to the radio to find out what time it was, I discovered that the battery was dead. Even though I was quite flustered, I tore apart my favourite golf club for the lead inside and put it as well as my favourite copper skillet into a pail of vinegar. With this crude electric cell that I learned about at the radio club I was able to power the radio to discover that the time was such that the store would be closed.