/ Opening @ 7:00pm

The artists in the group show Properties tarry with the thoughts and histories that live and breathe in the walls and objects that surround us.

This is the second in a pair of exhibitions that look at the attitudes of objects. Properties’ sister exhibition Edible Glasses looked to the roles of objects as active performers, whereas Properties looks to the unconscious thoughts of things.

Exhibition Brochure and Catalogue Essay  (PDF Download)

The exhibition will be accompanied by a public presentation by LA based artist and writer Margaret Haines on May 28th at 8pm at the Western Front in the Luxe Hall.

Lyndl Hall explores how both the physical and implied line, and various tools of delineation, are active agents that direct our perception and affect how we navigate the spaces we inhabit. She is interested in orientation and geometry, specifically within the histories of cartography and draughtsmanship. Current projects touch upon sundials, hopscotch and Victorian architecture.

Devon Knowles’ material centered practice assesses historical and contemporary models of production, interrogating their cultural positions and how they form material language. Through the investigation of a material an intimacy is also established directly between its physicality, use and history. It is from within this blended configuration where Knowles’ practice engages, and where the conscious act of making becomes conceptually productive. While acknowledging a material’s history, she allows her subjective material sensibilities and attentiveness to the optical experience to enter the work expanding beyond set material customs and asking how known material language can be cajoled into delivering a new understanding.

Erica Stocking’s artistic practice investigates inherent and manufactured value, the desire for connection, and notions of place. She works site specifically, using found materials to draw out local narratives from the surrounding contexts. Stocking’s projects ask where value is located and where both an individual’s and an object’s sense of agency occurs. Rooted in the personal, her work evolves from a desire to find a sense of place in the world, often resulting in installations where the inside and outside are complicated. These projects use found materials in a way that expresses a singular and personal experience of the world through a discourse dependent on local vernacular.

Often working with text and language, Erdem Taşdelen draws from a diverse set of references that includes both highbrow and lowbrow expressions of personal identification. These references are filtered through self-reflexive processes where he questions his various existences in social realms, ultimately presenting an investigation of subjectivity and its representations. His works are often imbued with dramatization, playfulness and humour, and his practice engages the socially constructed and culturally learned aspects of self-expression.

All artists live and work in Vancouver.