A special project curated by Dana Claxton with assistance from the Vancouver City Cross-Cultural Initiative.

– Melvin DunnBetrayal of Earth, May 18-July 2

– Tai DangRe-Titled (Are You Coming Home?), May 21

stephen o’connell, the surveyor, May 28


Rise, change, move forward,
going on, on going, advance,
moving, move onward,
move on, grow, recharge,
proceed, forge ahead,
stride forward, go on,
go forth, gain ground,
make headway, come to the front,
move onward, move upward,
continue ahead, mush, mush,
propel, further, introduce,
encourage, add to, magnify,
enlarge, develop, make progress,
proceed, transshape, render different,
diversify, transmute,
merge into, alternate, evolve,
resolve into, regenerate,
restyle, revolutionize, modify,
transform, remake,
recast, revamp, modernize,
reconstruct, deconstruct,
convert, reconvert, reform,
revamp, redo, metamorphose,
give colour to, rearrange, rebuild,
refashion, give a new basis,
remedy, bring up to code, revise,
amend, overhaul, revisit, energize,
make whole, cultivate, refine,
give a good going over, augment, and
always support equal representation
in the arts.

Dana Claxton 1993