Posterity and Expatriation

@ 2pm PST

To accompany the online exhibition The Upper Side of the Sky, curator Dana Qaddah will host a conversation with the artist Jawa El Khash. The Upper Side of the Sky, is an interactive virtual reality archive of the ancient ruins of Palmyra, Syria, created by the translation of collective and personal memory. In conversation, Qaddah and El Khash will discuss the significance of Palmyra, a site destroyed by ISIS during the Syrian civil war, and the larger implications of such a loss. Drawing on concerns of posterity within majority diasporic populations, they will illuminate their use of technology and art to synthesize the experience of personal and institutional archives.

The conversation will take place on Zoom. Reservations are required at

The conversation will later be transcribed for publication on Recollective: Vancouver Independent Archives Week’s website alongside a written response by Laura U. Marks.

The Upper Side of the Sky is presented by Western Front as part of Recollective: Vancouver Independent Archives Week, a series of free public events, panels, conversations, and screenings that highlight artist-run centre archives, artists working with archives, and the intersections between contemporary art practices and social movements in Vancouver. It is a joint initiative of 221A, Artspeak, grunt gallery, Rungh Magazine, the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, VIVO Media Arts Centre, and Western Front. We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.