The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. IX, no. 1, p. 8, September/October 1997:

Plan is a video-based installation that provides a surreptitious vantage-point for the witnessing of a conversation between an investor, a project manager, and a landscape design consultant. These fictional characters discuss their proposal for a land development project involving forest clear-cutting within some undisclosed area of the British Colombia landscape. With the objective of optimizing potential profitability of the development project, and in particular the necessity to ameliorate ‘public’ concern for perceived environmental degradation arising from clear-cut timber harvesting practices, the three characters consider the techniques, procedures and theory of designing forest clear-cut that will appear aesthetically acceptable to public viewers.

Each of the characters struggle within the discussion to assert their specific authorities, to resolve their conflicting priorities and to synthesize some common objective out of their respective agencies.

Manifesting Power’s interest in language as an arena of contest, their conversation is an embodiment of the circumstantial and inexact processes by which profound actions are undertaken affecting our world. Centred on seemingly duplicitous strategies to forestall public concern, their project is the projection of human will into a landscape rapidly becoming culturally conventionalized, a projection that inhabits the historically over-determined notion of progress is continually inflected and deflected by the compromised actions of its agents is the mimetic ambition of Plan itself.

Andrew Power is a Vancouver-based artist working in radio, video and installation.

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