Petre Nikoloski: Lecture

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. VI, no. 2, p. 12, November/December 1994:

The Magic Forest
Art Today in Macedonia
introduced by Hank Bull

“Warm, cold, soft, strong, inside, outside, solid, fluid…and time” – these are elements of a ten year investigation by Petre Nikoloski called The Magic Forest. “I often work outside, exposed to rain, wind. Sometimes I leave my work to decay naturally. I am very interested in exploring such unusual places as churches, hospitals, forests, parks and streets for my exhibitions.” Nikoloski represented Macedonia in the 1992 Venice Biennale but has also shown in such varied environments as the Harlow Carr Botanical Gardens in Harrowgate, England; the London Ecology Centre and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje, Macedonia. Currently the artist-in-residence at the Banff Centre, Nikoloski will visit the BC rainforest for the first time this winter. He will talk about his own work in its relation to nature, prehistory and community, and will report on the contemporary art scene in Macedonia and the impact of political events on artists in that part of the world.