Occupation 2: Circus Maximus

@ 8:00pm

admission: $15.00 reg / 12.00 WF members / 7.00 students Part of OCCUPATION SERIES

Circus Maximus is an invitation to rethink the system of values by which we gauge our desires to celebrate or condemn societal violence.

A reflection of our highly splintered and volatile society, Circus Maximus is a spectacle to be experienced, absorbed and internalized. Roving performers, musicians, and video artists will collaborate to produce rich soundscapes and thought-provoking visuals—a three-ring circus, all under the command of an outrageous ringmaster. Audience members are invited to attend in circus-themed attire.

The experimental Music Collective (eMC—composers Lisa Miller, Gordon Fitzell, and Scott Amort) and Intermission Artists Society (video performers Marianne Bos, Mark Brady, and Julie Gendron) combine forces with Edgeffect (musicians François Houle, Jeremy Berkman, Lisa Miller, Gordon Fitzell and Stefan Smulovitz), performance artist Andrew Laurenson and set designer Andrew Scott to create this spectacular installation. Presented in conjunction with Video In.
To book tickets call 604 876-9343.