NIGHTWATCH fall music season

@ 8:00pm

Tickets $16/$12

As earth’s orbit begins to tilt this hemisphere towards
its longest nights, myth and music keep vigil over the
mysteries and chaos of a darker season.

TALES OF THE UNIVERSE With Simon Fraser University and HR MacMillan Space Centre
Friday, October 1, 7pm & Sunday, October 3, 8pm $16/12 @ HR MacMillan Planetarium 1100 Chestnut
Tune your ears to the evening sky, whose vastness reveals a multitude of stories set inside an immersive environment of spatialized sound and 3D navigational imagery. Media artists Aleksandra Dulic, So-Young Park, and Kenneth Newby team with three composers to tinker with fact and fiction and the power of stars.

Ben Wilson contemplates space, time, and infinity in a commissioned work inspired by Italo Calvino’s Cosmicomics. Performer Christine Duncan combines her vocal virtuosity with virtual puppetry to present an amusing account of the universe. Persian percussionist Hamin Honari joins Duncan to perform Le chant des nébuleuses, a meditation on celestial nebulae by Montrealer Cléo Palacio-Quintin. Stories of sacrifice and courage that captured the planet in the days of early Soviet space exploration are recounted by Martin Gotfrit in Lima Alpha India Kilo Alpha, a fictional narrative about astronaut Yuri Gagarin and Laika the research dog, who lost her life aboard Sputnik 2.

With New Forms Festival
Thursday, October 14, 8pm $12/10

Bob Ostertag, known for his unflinching political compositions with sampled sound is joined by scratch animation pioneer and filmmaker Pierre Hébert. ” curb your brain, dump your ‘common sense’ judgments, and peel away the calluses that have built up over the vulnerable core of your senses. Listening becomes cultural time travel at warp speed.” Other artists will complete this evening, check

Saturday, October 30, 8 pm $12/10

Bossa Noir is machine guns and theremins, taking the sunny brazil Gilberto and leaving him stranded with no map or keys in the 2am naked city to fend for himself. A collusion of lyrics by Vancouver singer/songwriter Kevin House and compositions by composer/guitarist Tony Wilson, with additional ingredients from Peggy Lee (cello), J.P. Carter (trumpet), and Skye Brooks (drums).

François Houle (clarinets, iPod, laptop) and Jesse Zubot (violin, iPod, laptop) band together with Toronto percussionist Jean Martin to release their first CD. LaConnor; a wicked brew of electronica, turntables, improvisation, folk and classical chamber music

Shubhendra Rao, Tandava, Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa, Danny Tones, Gamelan
Alligator Joy and other guests
Saturday, November 6, 8pm $30/25/15

The night lengthens, we draw inwards
Time expands while sleep beckons and fades,
as the dawn reveals ourselves to ourselves

Nocturnes, ragas, pathets, matins; musical forms that reflect the quietude and darkness of night will be explored. The exquisite sitarist Shubhendra Rao performs evening and early morning ragas for this dusk to dawn event. Vancouver’s best share the bill with Karnatic vocals, percussion, music for shadow play, and works by Morton Feldman, Brian Cherney, Barry Truax and everything from the blues to early morning prayer. Pajamas optional!

With Sounds and Furies Productions
Sunday November 21, 8pm Slidng scale: $16 to $20

“Looser than the 29th Street, more in than out as ROVA, and hipper than World, this sax quartet is a groove.” The Tiptons are Jessica Lurie, Amy Denio and Sue Orfield, Tobi Stone, Elizabeth Pupo Walker, and special guest Brian Kent sits in for Sue Orfield on this gig. Originally founded as the Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet in 1988, the group named itself after the big band saxophonist and pianist Billy Tipton, who was actually a woman who lived as a man for more than 50 years. The Tiptons have shared the stage with the likes of the Indigo Girls, Wayne Horvitz, Oliver Lake, Zap Mama, Richard Thompson and Iva Bittova.

With New Orchestra Workshop Society and Coastal Jazz & Blues Society
November 25 ñ 27 All shows 8pm
Info: 604-254-5016 Jazz Hotline 604-872-5200

The three stimulating concerts slated for this year’s series include
Vancouver’s own NOW Orchestra with the great American pianist Marilyn
Crispell as the featured soloist, the Peggy Lee Band’s exceptional blend of
improvisation and composition, and an adventure into distant sonic frontiers
with Arcana, a home-grown electro-acoustic quartet.

Mondays 4-6pm FREE October 4 – November 29
Info: 604-254-5016

All instruments and levels. Observers welcome.
Guest Instructors: Coat Cooke, Thomas Anfield, Kedrick James, Patrick Dubois, Jesse Zubot, Shubhendra Rao, Biplab Bhattacharya, Peter Bingham, Marilyn Crispell

All shows @ Western Front 303 East 8th Avenue
Except Tales of the Universe (Planetarium)
Advance Sales: 604-876-9343

With the generous support of: The Canada Council for the Arts, Heritage Canada, SOCAN Foundation, HR MacMillan Planetarium, School for the Contemporary Arts and the School of Interactive Art and Technology at Simon Fraser University, Coastal Jazz & Blues, Hamber Foundation, Sound & Furies Productions, New Orchestra Workshop Society, Nirvana Restaurant