Network Noise not Noise

As part of the symposium Noise not Noise the Western Front presents an online exhibition, of the same name, that looks at the role of “noise” in an online context.

The digital revolution has given rise to noise in the form of data, which flows through networks at an almost inconceivable rate. Twitter publicizes that approximately 500 million tweets a day are posted, and YouTube brags that 20 hours of footage is uploaded per minute. Add to that the myriad of blog posts, Facebook updates and other social networking sites that pump news, personal information and images into the ether, and the result is an incomprehensible mass of digital sediment. Online works by artists Cory Arcangel, Aleksandra Domanovic,, Guthrie Longergan and Lee Walton sift through this digital flow, and in the process make undetectable digital noise much “noisier.”