Musicity 84 – Alex Varty & Doug Schmidt in Concert

Doug Schmidt (composer), Rick Walliser (accordion), Doug Clausen (mandolin), Alex Varty (guitar)

Varty’s performance consisted of compositions and improvisations on electric guitar, and the debut of his new work composed for multiple-bowed Hawaiian guitars, which were enhanced by digital electronics. Shmidt showcased ”Music for Pennywhistle, Accordion, and Mandolin” alongside guest artist Rick Bruce Clausen and Rick Walliser on the accordion. This concert was a part of Musicity 84.

Music for Pennywhistle, Accordion, and Mandolin, Doug Schmidt
Solo Compositions and Improvisations on guitar & digital electronics, Alex Varty

Audio Recording duration: 1:09:54

Digitized audio of this concert is available through the Western Front Archives upon research request.