Music Research Strategies Performing Political Education (Towards a Solidarity Economics Conduction System for Improvisers)

@ 7:00pm

Events take place October 17, 24,  and 29 at 7pm

Music Research Strategies (percussionist Marshall Trammell) instigates social practice collaborations at sites of political opposition. Music Research Strategies began as a critical ethnographic framework bridging Trammell’s ongoing interests with improvising strategies, organizational improvisation and psychology, and street-level, social justice action. Music Research Strategies navigates the global economy as a touring musician performing research and political education nationally and internationally through a battery of modular, social science-based systems.

For his residency and series of events at Western Front, Trammell will undertake a collaboration and exchange with Vancouver artists who use percussion—including Eileen Kage and John Brennan—and present his research around music as a tool for collective organizing. Over the course of a two week residency with three events, Music Research Strategies will continue the Insurgent Learning Workshop (ILW) series focusing on “Solidarity Economics,” a participatory, improvised music workshop. The workshop serves as a public & collective process towards developing a new language through improvisation based on a general framework of ideas developed by the US Solidarity Economy Network.

This series of events will unfold over three evenings:

October 17, 7pm
Insurgent Learning Workshop: Solidarity (Cooperative) Economics Conduction System
Night one consists of an open rehearsal and workshop with Trammell and collaborators.

October 24, 7pm
Indexical Moment/um: Solidarity (Cooperative) Economics Conduction System
Night two consists of three “conductions” with a collaborative group and a solo performance.

October 29, 7pm
Social Impact Assessment: Music Research Strategies with John Brennan
Night three concludes the series with a talk by Trammell and a final performance with John Brennan.