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Oslo-based guitarist/composer Kim Myhr comes from the rich, creative music scene in Norway. Although composition is a valued activity for Myhr (he was commissioned to write a piece for the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra), his main focus remains improvisation and long-term collaborations.

One of his most important projects is MURAL with Australian saxophonist/flutist Jim Denley and fellow Norwegian and percussionist Ingar Zach. The trio’s debut CD, Nectars of Emergence (Sofa), released earlier this year, is a stunner.


“A quietly outstanding piece of Improv, a haunting world of breathtaking timbral beauty. An extraordinary creation.”
Andy Hamilton, The Wire Magazine

“a fascinating listening experience. Denley’s saxophones and flute reduce music back to its pristine original nature of vibrating air, Zach’s use of percussion has a precision which is unequalled in building a sonic scene, and I have rarely heard a guitarist like Myhr, with a sound so sparse, so contained, yet equally telling more with a few chords than many others cannot create out of a zillion notes.”
Stef Gijssels


Nectars of Emergence is an attempt to refresh and renew improvised music. There are chords, melodies, and rhythms but without the clichés. This is music that is constantly coming-into-being and never predictable in what it will discover.