Mr. Peanut for Mayor Campaign

The idea of proposing Mr. Peanut as a mayoral candidate was linked to a platform that would establish lending libraries for umbrellas and galoshes. Mitchell did the talking while Trasov as Peanut shook hands and tap danced. The candidate was serenaded by a chorus line, the Peanettes, and backed up by Dr. Brute and the Brute Saxes. The strategy was to appear at all-candidates meetings (the cameras would have to pull back in order to get the enormous peanut, thereby dwarfing the competition) and to tape the results off television. The media was most cooperative. During the broadcast of election night results, the Peanut ensemble once again upstaged the politicians, drawing cameras like a magnet and at one point taking control of the main stage. William Burroughs endorsed the campaign at a public reading: “Since the inexorable logic of reality has created nothing but insoluble problems, it is now time for illusion to take over. And there can only be one illogical candidate: Mr. Peanut.”