Luminous Sites

Luminous Sites was a large exhibition of Canadian video installations focusing on social forms of representation curated by Daina Augaitis of the Western Front Gallery and Karen Henry of Video Inn. Works by ten artists were installed at galleries and public sites throughout the city. Catalogue and video production of all installations. An accompanying performance series, entitled Luminous Performance, was curated by Glenn Lewis.

Tomiyo Sasaki, Spawning Sockeyes, 02/25/86: Two channel, twenty monitor work, among volcanic rocks that was about nature phenomenon. Site – Vancouver Art Gallery.

Barbara Steinman, Cénotaphe 02/28/86: A video monument to the nameless who have been made to disappear. Site – Presentation House.

Paul Wong, Body Fluid 03/02/86: A performance about media manipulation using live and pre-recorded video, large-screen projections, lighting effects, mechanical devices and performers on a huge revolving parking platform. Site – Sears/Harbour Centre Parkade.

Ian Carr-Harris, On T.V. 03/06/86: An installation exploring the act of seeing in relation to the overbearing effect of television. Site – Western Front.

David Tomas, Through the Eye of the Cyclops, 03/06/86: An installation using closed circuit T.V. to deconstruct western pictorial representation. Site – Coburg Gallery.

Cornelia Wyngaarden, As a Wife Has a Cow, 03/06/86: A video installation constructed as a western landscape and a portrait. Site – Contemporary Art Gallery.

As a Wife Has a Cow was adapted and remastered by the artist in 2015 and presented in association with Cornelia Wyngaarden: Heroines, curated by Liz Park for CSA. The exhibition ran from November 17, 2015 to Dec 13th, 2015.

Max Dean, Prototype, 03/06/86: A kinetic video installation with moving armature. Site – Or Gallery.

Kate CraigClay Cove, Newfoundland/Park Place, Vancouver, 03/07/86: A sound and video installation about life on The Island. Site – Park Place.

Digitized video of this work is available through the Western Front Archives upon research request.

Randy and BerenicciRune, 03/07/86: A temple to the age of information, built from the ruins of language and mass media. Site – Park Place.

Vera FrenkelLost Art: A Cargo Cult Romance, 03/13/86: A multi-media installation constructing narratives that shift between reality and illusion. Site – Community Arts Council Gallery.