Living in the Library

For two months the gallery took on the function of a reading room. For twenty years prior to this exhibition the Western Front maintained a print archive consisting of local and international artist’s books, catalogues and magazines. This exhibition was a way to encourage public use of these materials and focus on publishing’s relationship to the visual arts.

Another element of the exhibition will be an online computer and CD-ROMs for viewing. The age of electronic publishing is upon us and one can tap into the network and download a book or read hypertext novels right on the screen.

Two talks were scheduled in conjunction with this exhibition:

April 2, 1994
Launch of Boo magazine and talk by the ad-hoc editorial committee of this new magazine.

The Boo committee includes: Deanna Ferguson, Phillip McCrum, Mina Totino, Mike Barnholden, Reid Shier and Dan Farrell.

April 9, 1994
Laiwan: Information and Virtual Experience: A Taoist Approach
Co-sponsored by Artspeak Gallery.