Hildegard Westerkamp’s Kits Beach Soundwalk & Bill Frisell Solo Guitar from 1986

@ 7pm


One of the best things about touring the world as a musician is listening to music with fellow artists and learning from their combined years of experience. This new series will recreate the tour bus listening party by inviting local artists and composers to guest DJ favorite tracks from the past year along with New Music Curator Aram Bajakian. The series will also delve into Western Front’s archives, unearthing recordings of artists in their early years, with raw, unedited sound files. The first listening party archival selection features a 30-minute performance of guitarist Bill Frisell playing solo from a 1986 concert. In celebration of its 30th anniversary, we will also present composer and sound ecologist Hildegard Westerkamp’s 1989 piece Kits Beach Soundwalk: a pioneering work which brings to the forefront the political act of listening in a modern world rife with noise pollution. Prepare to have your ears opened to the ever-surprising world of revolutionary music that was created in the past and is being created NOW! Stay tuned for more info!