lilithlithlithlithlithlith: through spiral upon spiral of the shell

@ 7:30pm

Doors at 7:30pm, performance begins at dusk.

As darkness falls around Western Front, lilithlithlithlithlith invites participation in the form of listening to, along, beside and around. Informed by actions, consultations and events that took place as part of Ferrari’s media arts residency, this performance will feature movement, costumes and sound to make audible a range of energetic phenomena in the Mt. Pleasant neighbourhood as reconfigured through practices of deep listening, personal histories, speculative writing and feminist theory. lilithlithlithlithlith is a project begun by Ferrari while in residence at Western Front (November 2017 – February 2018) that interrogates power/energy infrastructures, their frequency emissions, and their sites.

Elisa Ferrari has been deep listening to sounds we do not hear. Transmissions of electromagnetic frequency form the basis of this roving experimental sound performance. Through the evening she will make audible the often overlooked transmissions that connect civic structure in the arrangements of land on which we live. With sci-fi pageantry, her live collaborators Gabi Dao, Stacey Ho and Michelle Mackenzie will broaden the sonic immersion into a responsive loop.


Performers: Gabi Dao, Michelle Helene Mackenzie, Stacey Ho.
Costumes: Leah Weinstein and Elisa Ferrari.
Electronics: Victor Mazon Gardoqui.