Khora concert installation

@ 8:00pm

Tickets: $12/10 students $7
Info/Sales: 604 876-9343

Scattered across the site, the vibrations of twenty or so invented instruments bathe the public in their movements.

True unfurling of a sheet of sound from which all rhythm is suppressed: a flow, a stasis, then an imperceptible vanishing, this sound installation is a tribute to the space-time dimension in all its fluidity. Unaltered sounds of surprising depth, without amplification or processing, possess a èhyper-real’ character that borders on the unreal. The listener is free to move, free to trace his own path among the multitude of sound generators, to linger at chosen places, and create his own perceptual universe from what is proposed to him.

The instruments, Tu-Yo, Bol and Pavillion Frottant, all born of an extremely simple assemblage of basic materials, bring the art of sounds back to its genesis, freed of the weight of traditional instruments and of the music associated with them.

Jean-François Laporte takes an intuitive approach to creating music, learning through concrete experimentation with sound. Along with his activities as a composer, Jean-François has been developing and making musical instruments that produce unconventional sounds. These include the Tu-Yo, the Bowl, the Flying Can and the Siren Organ, which have been featured in a number of recent works such as Tshiluetum and Tribal, a monumental work that features about 40 musicians in a 50 minutes performance. Recently he created and performed èle sang de la terre,’ a 25 minute piece for the annual Cursus of composition at IRCAM (Paris). The ensemble Totem Contemporain, which Laporte founded eight years ago, premieres his works for invented and conventional instruments.