Javanese Gamelan Music Intensive

The following text is taken from Front Magazine, vol. V, no. 5, p. 15, Spring/Summer 1994:

The Western Front and Vancouver Community Gamelan are offering their second annual summer workshop in the rich classical percussion music of central Java.

This year’s guest instructor is Widiyanto, who currently teaches at Lewis & Clark in Portland, Oregon. Widiyanto hails from Solo, Java from a lineage of musicians and dhalangs (puppeteers). This two week intensive will be of interest to students, musicians, composers and music enthusiasts. Learning by ear and hands-on practice will be emphasized augmented by talks on the theoretical, social, and cultural context in which gamelan functions. Participants will be playing the instruments of Kyai Madu Sari (The Venerable Essence of Honey), a full court style gamelan from Central Java consisting of over 80 gongs, mettallophones, drums and string instruments.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of Simon Fraser University and Canada Council Music & Opera.