Intermission Project: Lars Laumann and Goldin+Senneby

The Western Front is pleased to present two videos by the artists Lars Laumann and Goldin+Senneby. This short term exhibition, consist of ongoing screenings of Lars Laumann’s video Morrisey Foretelling the Death of Diana (2006) in the Western Front’s gallery and two offsite screenings of Goldin+Senneby’s video project Headless at Regus…(2010).  Together these works present new perspectives in artistic research methodologies, which use the narrative structures of the moving image as their form.

Lars Laumann and Goldin+Senneby is the second project in an ongoing Intermission series—punctuating the Western Front’s usual programme of gallery exhibitions.

Lars Laumann.  Morrissey Foretelling The Death of Diana (2006)

Morrissey Foretelling The Death of Diana is a short video work by the Norwegian artist Lars Laumann, which suggests that Morrissey, the former lead singer of the English pop band The Smiths, foresaw the premature death of Princess Diana in the now infamous 1997 Paris car crash. These predictions are revealed through a reading of cryptic clues that occur in Morrisey’s lyrics and visual pointers embedded in images of the Smiths’ record sleeves and music videos. Following a track-by-track interpretation of The Smiths’ seminal 1986 Album “The Queen Is Dead”, the work adopts the accusatory and menacing tone of a conspiracy theory or urban legend, allowing the viewer to be completely absorbed in plot of labyrinth-like twists and turns. Ultimately, we are convinced that this series of arbitrary coincidences could be interpreted as causal relationships.

Goldin+Senneby.  Regus (with Kate Cooper & Richard John Jones, filmmakers) (2010)

The Swedish collective of Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby have been working on their ongoing project Headless since 2007— investigating an offshore company registered in the Bahamas under the name Headless Ltd. This line of investigation has so far appeared across various medias; a novel, several versions of a film and a performance. Goldin+Senneby have commissioned London-based artists Kate Cooper and Richard John Jones to produces the film Looking for Headless. In this rookie-style documentary, the filmmakers interview businessmen and women, academics, private investigators and fictionalized characters that seem to have some relationship to the shadowy company. As they travel through the geographic spaces of London, Gibraltar and the Bahamas, every turn in the investigation is an opportunity to invent the next step in their inquiry. This enduring and ambiguous investigation takes the shape of an ongoing performance for Goldin+Senneby. The subject, the method and the artistic aim can no longer be separated from each other.