Feeling So Much Yet Doing So Little

/ Opening @ 7:00pm

As any good collective would, in 2005 the members of Instant Coffee drafted a manifesto of sorts. In it, they define themselves and their objectives in terms of their caffeinated namesake: Instant Coffee “mimics the real thing without the pretense of being better. It isn’t that much easier to make, but that much is reason enough to justify its particularities.”

After 12 years of artistic production, from the Disco Trailer to the Light Bar, Instant Coffee (the artists, not the beverage), are in no need of justification. Their upcoming prospective retrospective will take place throughout the Western Front as an exhibition, a residency, a publication and a series of talks and events.

Feeling So Much International Prospective Lecture Series

For this series Instant Coffee has invited a number of international curators representing key moments in the collective’s 12 year history, as well as moments to come. Moderated by Caitlin Jones.

This International Prospective Lecture Series is presented with the generous support of Jane Irwin and Ross Hill

Bernd Milla
Thursday, March 8, 7pm
Bernd Milla, Director of the Kunststiftung Baden-Wuerttemberg will reflect on exhibition praxis and possibilities for artists’ work and presentation.

Lise Nellemann
Thursday, March 22nd, 7pm
Lise Nellemann of Sparwasser HQ, a not-for-profit project and exhibition space in Berlin, will speak about Instant Coffee and collaborative curatorial practices.

Rakett (Åse Løvgren and Karolin Tampere)
April 4th, 7pm
Rakett is an ongoing mobile arena for various activities, ranging from curatorial practice to collaborative art projects.

STORE FRONT, Every Saturday Instant Coffee will be selling necessary accessories and other special items from their new West Coast Modern furniture collection, and will on occasion be joined by other designers and artists, including Robert Kleyn and Samuel Roy Bois.

As part of STORE FRONT each Saturday Instant Coffee has invited artists, critics and curators to host a series of low key events.

Making Sense of Things Together
Saturday, February 25th, 12-5pm
As a response to IC’s motto “Get Social or Get Lost,” join artist and critic Amy Fung for an endurance performance/lecture for which she will assembling a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle of a Jackson Pollock painting she inherited at an Edmonton garage sale.

Paper Folding Doodle
Saturday, March 10th, 2-5pm
Kim Kennedy Austin and Graham Kaye will distractedly origami.

Jeneral Joke Store
Saturday, March 10, 17, 2-5pm
Artists Aaron Carpenter and Jonathan Middleton have been honing their joke-writing skills over the past year or two. The General Joke Store provides the opportunity to purchase some their recently crafted jokes. An assortment of jokes will be on offer in the “knock-knock”, “lightbulb”, and “chicken crossed the road” genres, as well as a selection of rude and off-color jokes, sure to alienate you from your friends and co-workers.

Robert Kleyn
Saturday March 17th, 12-5pm
This coming Saturday Instant Coffee will feature some furniture by Vancouver artist and architect Robert Kleyn.

Kleyn will use the theatre-like installation of Feeling So Much Yet Doing So Little for the staging of a tableau made up of standing lighting fixtures. Employing the improvised fixtures as figures, Kleyn arranges his lamps and other decor in a manner that pulls these functional objects into the realm of sculpture. With this theatrical composition, he also allusive to The Conference Of Birds, an Iranian poem from the 12th century, which follows a gathering of birds in their quest for a leader; each bird represents a human fault, and their search ends at a lake in which all they see is their own reflection.

 Roberts Kleyn’s work will be on display until March 23rd.

Paint it Pink
Saturday, March 17th, 12-5pm
Bring it in, Instant Coffee will paint it Pink

Samuel Roy Bois
Saturday March 24th, 12-5
This coming Saturday Instant Coffee will feature some modular seating by Vancouver artist Samuel Roy Bois.

Roy Bois’ Fir tooth stools are made out of 4 pieces of dimensional lumber solidly glued together. Cut from douglas fir, one of the hardest softwoods, each stool is the playful result of the simplification of form and process. Samuel Roy Bois’ work will be on display until March 29th.

Pyrography (woodburning) Workshop
Saturday, March 24th, 2-5pm
Come, burn a design on a piece of wood and make a button!

Bild N Sound
Goethe Satellite @ Instant Coffee
Saturday, March 10, 8pm
A project by the Goethe-Institut in cooperation with Instant Coffee and Revised Projects

Instant Coffee and Bernd Milla have programmed a selection of silent videos by German artists and invited Canadian musicians to play a live score.

Silent videos by Andreas Lorenschat, Mirko Martin, Pia Maria Martin, Gabriela Oberkofler, Patrick Fabian Panetta and Sebastian Stumpf. Live music by Jeremy Schmidt (Black Mountain and Sinoia Caves), Stephen Lyons, Shanto Bhattacharya, Skye Brooks (Fond of Tigers), Marta McKeever, Tess Kitchen & Diona Davies (E.S.L.) and Brasstronaut.

Other Sights for Artists’ Projects: The Future is Floating
Thursday March 15, 7pm
Late last year, Other Sights for Artists’ Projects formed a Communication Office, and we have been talking and thinking about how The Future is Floating in so many ways.

 Whether it’s melting ice caps, waves of social unrest, listing economies or just a general sinking feeling, the future is uncertain, and fluidly so. In waving or drowning, we propose a series of events that focus our attentions, invite new ideas and put us face to face, with refreshments. To begin, here:

 Lately, the rezoning application at Broadway and Kingsway has compelled us to scan the horizon of our neighbourhood. We have decided to create an opportunity for creative thinkers to respond to the situation by putting our resistance to one side, to positively imagine a better future. We are pooling our speculative skills to riff on the possibility of economic and other forms of diversity, a different definition of sustainability: to use our critical and problem solving skills without a pre-determined agenda, and without the intent to come to conclusions. Rather, to generate a different kind of conversation. With Glenn Alteen, Lorna Brown, Brian McBay and Annabel Vaughn. 

Floats will be served.

gray is off the menu
Wednesday March 21, 7-9 pm
The Drawing Salon, led by artists Jill Henderson and Hannah Hughes, serves you up a free life drawing workshop without the usual main course of charcoal, pencil and graphite – instead the appetizers being served are day-glo creations, with refreshments. materials provided, click here to sign up

GOOD NEWS Issue 05 Launch
Saturday, April 7st, 2pm
Instant Coffee will publish the next in their series of “one question” handmade journals. GOOD NEWS Issue 05 will address the question “ What constitutes a successful failure?”

Wood Whittling Club
Feb 29th, March 14th, March 18th, 7pm
Every second Wednesday Instant Coffee will host an informal gathering of artists and anyone who wants to whittle and socialize. Wood will be provided, but bring your own carving tools.

Classical Reading Group
March 6, 13, 20, 27, 7pm
Every Tuesday in March Instant Coffee will host a reading group for TALE OF TWO CITIES by Charles Dickens, a relevant classic for discussing present economic issues. By the way it is the 200th birthday of Charles Dickens.