I Am the Remix

@ 8:00pm

The Western Front is pleased to announce a new exhibition featuring emerging artists from Vancouver, Los Angeles, and London whose work thematically centers on the notion of the DJ. Guest curated by Adrienne Lai, I Am The Remix will bring together the work of Don Bury, Lawrence Sim, and Slanguage (Juan Capistran and Mario Ybarra Jr.): four artists who use the DJ’s tools and sensibilities in order to produce works that describe their specific experiences of consuming and interpreting the world around them.

The DJ is an interpreter who uses strategies of appropriation, juxtaposition, and recontextualization in order to generate something that is simultaneously new and old, that emerges both from the individual and the collective media culture. Through the remix, the act of reading/interpretation is made concrete, revealed to be a creative act in and of itself an act of production rather than pure consumption. In many ways, we are all DJs, who, through our selective attention, varying interests, and wandering thoughts, piece together endless significations from the visual culture that surrounds us.

These artists all use found media, Hollywood cinema, electronic and disco music, street posters – in order to produce articulations of identity that do not originate in an authentic sense of selfhood, but that instead reveal the increasingly blurry boundaries between self and society, high and low culture, art and the everyday.

In addition, there will be a free roundtable discussion titled Remix and Feedback at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design on Saturday, January 10th from 2-4 PM. This discussion will feature guest speakers Paul D. Miller A.K.A. DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid, Slanguage (Juan Capistran and Mario Ybarra Jr.) and Brady Cranfield, and will be moderated by Dr. Randy Lee Cutler.