/ Opening @ 7:00pm

Stan Douglas and George Lewis in conversation
Saturday February 16, 3pm

In Stan Douglas’ Hors-champs (1992), a quartet of musicians—Kent Carter, Douglas Ewart, Oliver Johnson, and George Lewis—perform Albert Ayler’s “Spirits Rejoice.” Projected simultaneously on opposite sides of the same screen, Douglas’ installation considers the Black musical traditions (blues, gospel, etc.) embedded into Ayler’s composition, the movement of musicians from the US to France (where many musicians associated with the 1960s Free Jazz movement found greater success), and the political and social context out of which this music was born. Reflecting on Western Front’s histories and recent exhibitions thinking through the adjacencies between contemporary visual art and music practices it is timely to revisit a work like Hors-champs and reexamine its continual and lasting impact over the last quarter century. Complementing the exhibition, we’re excited to host an intimate dialogue between Stan Douglas and George Lewis, who met at Western Front, and then went on to collaborate in the making of this work.

Exhibition Brochure & Catalogue Essay