Goodbye to Director Caitlin Jones

The Western Front and its Board of Directors are announcing that after nearly a decade of exceptional leadership Executive Director Caitlin Jones is leaving to embark on a new challenge. Starting in April 2019 Caitlin will be the new Executive Director of BC Artscape.

Caitlin took the helm of the Front after it had developed as an iconic artist-run-centre. She managed a monumental transition to a new management structure with ingenuity and humour, steering this extraordinary institution to a new an enhanced stage of financial health, organizational stability and curatorial innovation. With deep respect for the illustrious legacy of the Western Front she charted a new path both respectful of the past and mindful of the organization’s re-conceived present and future. During her tenure she built a formidable team of people, nurturing curatorial risk and significantly improving staff resources as the living conditions of Vancouver have changed at breakneck speed.

Among her finest achievements are successfully spearheading the arduous process that lead to the purchase of the building from its artist owners, a move which has allowed the Front to be secure in its position. And with that newfound security, the building is now more welcoming and accessible to new communities.

Caitlin’s curatorial projects at the Front were varied in nature, from the para-institutional Instant Coffee installation (2012) to the international touring exhibition and catalog “Asymmetrical Response: Cory Arcangel and Olia Lialina”. Most recently, and most relevant to her current situation, the symposium and public art exhibition “Urgent Imagination” was Caitlin’s way of publicly grappling with the complex set of issues surrounding the building purchase and Western Front’s role within the broader economic conditions that pose an ongoing threat to Vancouver’s artistic community.

We wish Caitlin every success on her new adventure and will remain forever grateful for her remarkable vision and leadership!