Gabi Dao

Vancouver-based artist Gabi Dao will undertake a media residency throughout the spring and summer of 2017. Gabi Dao questions the conditions of aesthetic experience through reflections on the nuances of identity, personal histories and memory. While in residence she will be working in the sound studio to produce a new podcast series Here Nor There alongside a series of sound-based events and gatherings entitled Slow Wave. The parallel series is interested in the politics surrounding cross-disciplinary, DIY artistic communities through practices of conversation, interviews, listening and self-broadcasting.

Dao is a prolific co-organizer of exhibitions, readings, musical performances, and other happenings at AVENUE (2013-2015) and DUPLEX studios. She recently completed a BFA at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, was the inaugural recipient of the Portfolio Prize award for emerging artists in 2016.


Throughout Gabi Dao’s media artist residency from April – Oct 15, 2017, the Western Front’s audio suite and green room have been the headquarters for Here Nor There, a podcast production. The show invites artists, musicians, writers, curators, organizers and other cultural producers to speak about their work in the places they call home. The program seeks to be a platform for audibility, to facilitate dialogue and to provide an intimate space for listening. It uses and encourages ‘the episode as form’ and mines the medium of the podcast as an accessible, horizontal platform in which those who consume content also have the ability to produce it.

Here Nor There is produced in conjunction with Dao’s Slow Wave Festival series (Pt. 1 and Pt. 2) which took place at the Western Front throughout the month of May and October 2017. Here Nor There’s ‘slow-wave’ activity culminates into an archive on its own websiteHere Nor These Season 2 will launch in 2018.

Visit Here Nor There online:

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Dao’s residency is funded through the BC Arts Council Early Career Residency Program.