FREEDOM FESTIVAL In partnership with Third Rail Music

@ 8:00pm

Bruce Freedman Quartet and Aeroplane Trio
Friday, March 25 th 8pm $12/10

Influenced by John Coltrane, Jimmy Lyons, and that era, Bruce Freedman’s music is always intense, fresh, and from the heart. Leader of ‘Chief Feature’ and ‘The Bruce Freedman Quartet’ he has also collaborated with Claude Ranger, Paul Plimley, François Houle, Hugh Fraser, and performs with the N.O.W. Orchestra. Rod Murray on trombone, Clyde Reed on bass, and Stan Taylor on drums complete this quartet.

Three guys; weird noises, nice little songs, makin’ stuff up. Take off, eh!?
The Aeroplane Trio, formerly known as the J.P. Carter Trio, found instant chemistry when first assembled in the summer of 2001 for the Aeroplane after-hours improv sessions at the Sugar Refinery. Trumpeter J.P. Carter later brought bassist Russell Sholberg and drummer Skye Brooks back together to work on some original material he had conceived while on a European busking adventure the year before. This all culminated in “Gumboot Fever”, the trio’s debut recording.

Free Trade
Saturday, March 26th 8pm $12/10

Three fine guest musicians from the USA join this year’s festival: from Massachusetts, Dr. Sonya Lawson (viola), and returning for their third year, Rob Kohler (bass) and Daniel Heila (flute/winds/video) from Oregon. They join Vancouver’s Jared Burrows (guitar/clarinet/accordion), Bruce Freedman (saxophones), Karen Graves (saxophones), Vivian Houle (voice), Colin MacDonald (saxophones), Brad Muirhead (trombone), Stephen Robb (clarinet), Stefan Smulovitz (viola/laptop), Stan Taylor (drums). raw and cooked and the Freedom Festival Orchestra
Sunday, March 27 th 8pm $5

“raw and cooked”, a cross section of Vancouver emerging artists/musicians open for the Freedom Festival Orchestra: Tower Pipe, Matthew Glick and Orpheus