Feeling So Much Yet Doing So Little

We know that one is never enough and as a colour
we are fluorescent pink. We play with inclusion and
exclusion equally. When we say “we love everyone”
we know this is an impossibility. We set ourselves to
fail with the best intensions…
Instant Coffee

In February 2012, Western Front exhibited a “prospective retrospective” of the artist-collective Instant Coffee titled “Feeling So Much Yet Doing So Little.” During this six-week exhibition the Western Front served as gallery, studio space, public forum, shop and dining hall—embodying the set of relations that lie at the heart of Instant Coffee’s long-time collective practice.

Almost five years later, the Western Front has published an exhibition catalogue, including new texts by Western Front Executive Director Caitlin Jones, Bergen-based curators and visual artists Rakett (Åse Løvgren and Karolin Tampere) and a previously unpublished text by Toronto-based artist and curator Dave Dyment. Like the exhibition itself, the book form of “Feeling So Much Yet Doing So Little” examines the past, present and potential futures of this illustrious artist collective.

A formal experiment in distribution, Feeling So Much Yet Doing So Little is the Western Front’s first ever ebook—hopefully an effective substitute for print and free for all.

Designed by Post Projects.

FSMYDSL is available through iTunes, or downloadable as a PDF.

Download as zipped epub file HERE