Fake Jazz Fridays @ Western Front

@ 8:00pm

admission: $5

Fake Jazz Fridays @ Western Front

An evening of experimental, underground fearlessness. Guest curated by Jeremy Van Wick and Bill Batt, creators of Fake Jazz Wednesdays, this event showcases artists from local labels Thankless Records and Isolated Now Waves.

”…we’ll have a band that sounds like elements of the Grateful Dead, and then we’ll have a performance artist performing a fake blood orgy, and then we’ll have a harsh noise dude,” Van Wick explains. “The harsh noise people might not be into the Grateful Dead band, but to me there’s something that ties it all together, which is a thirst for experimentation.”

-Jeremy Van Wick quoted from Strange Brew, Vancouver’s Weird Punk Scene Invents Itself by Josiah Hughes – Exclaim! Magazine, September 2008

Shearing Pinx
Nü Sensae
Aerosol Constellations
Japanese Graffiti
Aja & Gabe